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It's too good to be true!

Welcome to my JAFRA page!

Back in 1998, I attended a Jafra home party. The consultant told me that due to the size of my order, I could enjoy a savings of 50% off as well as be able to order my Jafra direct continually at the same savings. Well I absolutely loved the product and couldn't imagine WHY I wouldn't take advantage of such an opportunity. Of course everyone I knew heard about my latest discovery and wanted to try Jafra products as well. It wasn't long before that savings had also turned into extra income.

After I attended my first Jafra training meeting I realized that this company stood for everything I believed in. They offered a high quality product at a lower cost than other comparable products and had a goal of changing women's lives. That was it, I left my corporate job of 15 years to bring Jafra to the lives of others. All alongside my 2 children which allowed me the opportunity to be there for my family first.

Just two short years later I decided to bring my Jafra business to the next Managerial level and have been enjoying my team in addition to all the other wonderful benefits ever since!

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Give yourself the freedom and flexibility you deserve with JAFRA.

More about me: I'm a wife and Mother of two teenagers. We live in a southwest suburb of Chicago. I pride myself on the level of customer service I offer my clients all over the united states - providing convenient priority mail shipping at no additional cost to my long distance clients.

With JAFRA since: April of 1998.

Because of Jafra I have the opportunity to enjoy Financial Freedom, doing what I love to do, representing products I believe in!

I look forward to serving you soon!