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MARY JO BELISLE - JAFRA Skin Care - District Manager

Discover Breakthrough Skin Care -- Cosmeceutical, Plastic Surgeon Endorsed

Welcome to my personal JAFRA page...

Would you like to address the seven dimensions of visibly younger skin:Lasting skin hydration to prevent wrinkles; vitality charged skin;

even complexion; firm, elastic resilient supple skin; calm skin without redness and enhanced facial contour lift and cushioning;and

smooth soft skin.

Jafra Pro complex, the multidimensional approach to skin care, simply mimics the appearance and behavior of young skin. World Renowned Plastic Surgeon endorsed, Dr. Randal Haworth, M.D.

This result is made possible after extensive research and the balanced complex of seven target botanical ingredients.

I love the JAFRA product line I think you will too.

My personal joy is sharing JAFRA with you to help you

look better than ever, longer than you ever thought possible.

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